We are here for you! We aid in the removal of those pesky critters!

 Head Lice Removal Services in Florida!

Aventura Lice Cleaning offers an all-natural, chemical-free head lice removal service. We provide our services to families in South Florida and Broward county areas. We offer both in-home and out-home services for your convenience. The professional lice removal technicians and experts at Aventrua Lice Cleaning work their hardest to provide an clam and stress-free environment for families who are at a lost with those pesky critters. Additionally, we understand how stressful and time consuming head lice are to not only parents but children. We at Aventura Lice Cleaning are a family owned business spreading our services to as far as we can giving families the savings they desire, while providing and maintaining a caring and high quality of personalized services to our clients.

Our Services


We provide a multitude of services where we cater to all environments such as homes, offices, daycares, nursing homes, schools, and camps. We are able to come to those who cannot come to us and provide you with the services you desire. We provide screenings to all and provide you with options on to take care of head lice for good...


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