A little bit about Us

Aventura Lice Cleaning is a locally owned, all-natural lice removal solution within the South Florida region. We cater to our clients in a multitude of settings such as our clinic or the comforts of your home. We also provide screenings to group environments such as schools, daycare, camps, nursing homes, or where ever possible to bring the solution to you. Aventura Lice Cleaning's founder, who's currently interested in remaining anonymous, had a goal to be an entrepreneur; her own boss. What started out as a simple idea that originated in 2012, blossomed into a dream come true. We pride ourselves with professionalism and perform our duties with care, comfort, discreetly and effectively to all clients.


This is the BEST lice treatment facility in all of Florida! They only use natural products and are 100% safe and effective. I wouldn't recommend another place for this treatment. They go to all the local school to screen for lice and treat it privately,confidentially and most effectively!

-Karina B.

Despite being a Sunday - when normally closed - they came in to take care of us (three people).  Very nice and very professional.  It's a small facility in an office park, but they had everything necessary to take care of the problem immediately.  They had a TV with Disney channel for my son to watch while she worked on his scalp.  She said they "use all natural products," which sounds great!  Overall, professional and rapid service.

-Alex G.


The best, most honest and efficient by far. Best money I ever spent.

-Esther S.P.

They are the best and use all natural products. If u have an issue with lice and have kids that do, come see them.