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Schools and Camps Screenings


We at Aventura Lice Cleaning are here to perform the best line of work in removing head lice out of our patients’ heads. We remove and prevent the presence of head lice and nits. Also, we are highly experienced in our line of work and guarantee the best results in disappearance of lice on our patients. We offer flexible services to all ages meaning if you can not come to us, we can come to you! We provide you the ease of mind you deserve and aide in sending children back to schools lice free and ready to learn. We pride ourselves with the help we provide all families of different backgrounds who have children who are sent home because of these critters and even families who aren't able to control them or ease their minds on more important things. Do not be discourage because we are here for you and with our reasonable services, prices, and ALL-NATURAL process, you and your family will be back to clear minds sooner than you think.

Lets get rid of those pesky critters!

  • We screen every individual for lice and nits. It is recommended all who have come in contact or share items (e.g brushes, bedding, and more) with the child or adult with lice be screen as well to aide in completely stopping lice in their tracks.
  • We then proceed by very thoroughly and timely remove lice and nits using professional nit combs. This is where the treatment is effective.
  • Once completed with the removal, we treat with our pesticide-free, all natural and eco-friendly products. Once completed we wash the hair with our naturally made shampoo and provide families with the education and tips they need in successfully completely their parts at home to reduce the likelihood of any kind of re-infestation before the follow-up.